Lifetime achievement award for Chinese philosophy scholar
2019-05-27 publish

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Roger T. Ames received the 2019 John Dewey Society (JDS) Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award for his distinguished career as a scholar-practitioner, working and living in both the Deweyan and Confucian traditions.

The award recognizes a scholar-practitioner who, in the Deweyan tradition, connects the worlds of theory and practice in promoting the development of democratic citizens; or an exceptional explicator and interpreter of Dewey’s philosophy and educational theory.

According to the JDS executive committee, over the course of his career, Ames has inspired many students and colleagues, and it is his gracious spirit, as well as his tireless commitment to fostering intercultural understanding and creative democratic communities beyond cultural and national boundaries that renders him an exemplary role model and interpreter of Dewey’s philosophy.

Ames has also won several international awards, including the 2013 Confucius Culture Prize at the Sixth Annual World Confucian Conference in Shandong, China. He retired from UH in 2016 and is currently the humanities chair professor in the Department of Philosophy at Peking University in Beijing, China.

Roger T· Ames (Roger T.Ames)

Roger T. Ames was born in 1947 in Toronto, Canada. As a professor at the University of Hawaii, an advisor to Nishan Shengyuan Academy, Chairman of the World Association of Confucian Culture Studies and Vice Chairman of the International Confucian Association, he is an internationally famous expert in Sinology. He is a leading figure in Chinese & Western philosophy and is famous in China and abroad for his translation of books such as theAnalects of Confucius,Sun Tzu’s Art of War,Huainan Tzu andTao Te Ching He was the Chief Editor toPhilosophy of the Occident and Orientas well as theInternational Chinese Book Reviewand the author ofConfucian Philosophical Thinking,Thinking from the Han: Self, Truth, and Transcendence in Chinese and Western Culture,Anticipating China: Thinking Through the Narratives of Chinese and Western Culture,the Art of Rulership: A Study into Chinese Political ThoughtandDemocracy if the Dead: Dewey, Confucius and the Hope for Democracy in China. Roger T. Ames once received the guidance of Liu Dianjue and became proficient in classical Chinese, then to one of the most outstanding modern scholars of Classical Studies. In 2013, he was awarded the "Confucius Culture Award" by the 6th World Confucian Congress. Then he won the second "Huilin Prize Award" in 2016.…
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