Time:July 12-26, 2020


2020 Confucian Studies Summer Institute
The 2020 Confucian Studies Summer Institute international program offers teachers of Chinese history and culture an opportunity to spend two weeks at an established Confucian Institute reading the Confucian classics with world-renowned experts Roger T. Ames, Chenshan Tian, and other distinguished comparative philosophy and Confucian scholars. The Institutes have been held annually in the summers of 2011 through 2019, for nine years in total, each of which was deemed to be a memorable success. Since its inception, this annual gathering has attracted the brightest teachers and the most committed participants from around the world. In organizing the forthcoming Institute scheduled for July 2020, we again welcome international participants to read the Chinese classics at Danyang, Qufu and Suzhou. We invite all of those participants and teachers who are intrigued by Chinese culture and philosophy and who seek a more profound appreciation of Chinese cosmology to join us on this unique educational and research journey.

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